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I have been working a Infographics Designer for the past couple of years. I mostly work as  a freelance designer, but at sometimes have some regular clients. I like to travel as my job doesn’t require me to be static to a location. Have visited most of the tropical Asian Countries so far.  Aniart Design is something which i wanted to do few months back, but had to postpone for some obvious reasons. Anyways now it’s live finally and slowly taking shape. This is my dream project and will be here for decades. I want to take this to new heights with your help. I am sure, you will agree, that Infographics is an amazing way to share useful information and also make it interesting.


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Sensitive Teeth Causes & Treatment Infographic

When it comes to your teeth, there should be no compromise. Each oral problem could be an indicator to something more serious. This is why, even though many people shrug off having sensitive teeth as something they have to live with, we suggest scheduling a dental visit as early as possible. This infographic created by […]

Pressure Cooker Guide for Beginners

Pressure Cooker for dummies – All you need to know about: The parts of a pressure cooker, what you can cook in, useful tips and tricks, benefits of a pressure cooker and much more. Source Embed this Infographics on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below Pressure Cooker Guide for Beginners – An infographic […]

Nigeria Has Highest Number of Out-of School Children in the World

With Nigeria’s foreign reserve being the highest in recent years, how do we process the fact that the most populous black nation has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world? Based on a recent situation report provided by UNICEF on the quality of basic education in Nigeria, it is obvious that education at […]

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