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seo checklist

Planning website redesign and development? Since performance is closely linked to Rankings, you’ll want to consider it carefully before proceeding, as ineffective strategies will only lead to wasted effort. When former URLs aren’t mapped to the new ones, search performance is sure to be affected – which is a cause for worry, especially after you’ve invested valuable time and resources on site redesign. By implementing the right strategies with an SEO checklist, however, you can improve your site’s visibility by leaps and bounds.

has created an informative infographic which doubles up as a checklist for those who seek to improve their SEO performance. It should be noted that designing or developing a website by incorporating such strategies is mandatory for enhancing search performance, and will work to your advantage when executed correctly. Being involved with SEO practices from an early stage is necessary for the best results, since certain choices may hamper technical search recommendations, and thus become more challenging to execute.

Even those lacking experience in Search Engine Optimization should consider fundamental SEO strategies during their site redesigning process, to significantly improve their rankings. Be it for a few tweaks in your website or a complete overhaul, this is a handy guide for all online marketers!


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