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Aniart Design is a high quality user maintained Infographics Directory. We have a list of reliable contributors who shares highly useful and interesting Infographics which they come across. Apart from this, we also welcome your contributions. If you have designed a detailed Infographics or you are promoting your client’s Infographics, you are welcome to submit it here. Apart from myself, there are 2 volunteers right now in the editorial team. We will check your Infographics personally for quality , and if we find it good, we will surely publish it and will credit you with a source backlink. But the problem is , we are getting too many submissions daily and most of them are not upto the mark. So we decided to charge a fair price for the review process and maintaining the quality of the website. So for now, if you want to publish your infographics, you should pay a nominal fees of 9.95$ If we find your submission useful, we will publish it and will email you the live link. Apart from just submission, we encourage you to participate socially here. You can like/share other infographics which are featured here. If we arrive at a decision that your submission is good enough for our site for some obvious reasons, we will refund your money and will revert back with a reason. Review Fees : 9.95$

Submission Guidelines

  • You should be a fan of our Facebook page to submit Infographics.
  • We don’t accept Non-English Infographics for now.
  • We prefer better designed Infographics with lot of content, instead of low-quality textual ones.
  • You are free to submit both Static and Interactive Infographics.
  • We usually review your submissions within few hours on weekdays and we don’t work on weekends.
  • If your Infographics is declined, please allow us 2 business days to refund your fees.

Review Fees : 9.95$


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I am a travel enthusiast, who has got 5 years experience in designing Graphics and Infographics. Aniart Design is my passion right now and want to achieve big things with this.